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GST Tran-1 and Tran-2 Issues

Here is the list of common issues found in GST Tran-1 and Tran-2 during GST Audit:

  • Sum of all closing balance is not matching Tran-1 credit
  • PLA closing balance taken in Tran-1
  • Captial 100% credit taken through Tran-1
  • Cess is carried forward with tax
  • In transit services in terms of Section 140(5)
  • Credit on traded goods in terms of Section 140(3) more than 1 year old
  • Credit taken on goods that were exempted from excise
  • Closing balance of stock as in Table 7(a)(B) of Tran-1 not matching with details in Tran-2
  • Benefit of reduction in tax (refunded through tran-2) not passed on to the buyer (taxable value should change before and after GST regime if tran-2 credit availed)

GST Audit Checklist

We have compiled most common mistakes detected during GST Audit and have linked detailed articles on those topics for your reference. To visit click on GST Audit Checklist.

ITC Matching Software

To match the ITC taken by the taxpayer with the invoices uploaded in GSTR-2A, you can use our software GST Doctor ITC Matching Software which is available on Microsoft Store.

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