UpdateGSTR-2A format has been changed from 1 July 2022. Please update the software to version 15.0+ click to download the updated GST Doctor Software →


The GST Doctor Software has gone through several major updates in last 2 years and it would not have been possible without inputs from officers of GST. Here is the list of officers who contributed to the software by reporting bugs and suggesting new features time and again.

  • Superintendent Vini - CCO GST Chennai
  • Superintendent Martin Manuel - GST Audit II, Chennai
  • Superintendent T.C. Raviprasad - GST Audit II, Chennai
  • Inspector Anshu Raj Sinha - GST Audit II, Chennai
  • Inspector Ankit Taya - GST Audit Coimbatore

To know more about our software, download the trial version from Microsoft Store and for instructions watch this short youtube video.