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We created a bunch of tools to help GST officers quickly process GST returns downloaded from AIO. The three basic GST returns are GSTR 1, GSTR 3b and GSTR 2A/B and with the help of this software you can easily compare them with each other in a matter of seconds.


Unified & Updated GST Documentation

We understand how hard it is to keep track of everchanging GST Law in India. So we created this Unified and Updated GST Documentation with updated GST Sections, Rules, Notifications and Popular Caselaws linked together.


Find the most updated and unified GST sections here. Every section specifies when it was changed and by which notficiation.


Find the most updated and unified GST rules here. Every section specifies when it was changed and by which notficiation.

GST Audit Checklist

GST Audit Checklist can be classified under 3 heads. Detailed posts are written for each topic with relevant sections, notifications, circulars and clarifications.


Find the updated and easy to understand articles about GST India written by experts of GST.

Important Articles

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GST Audit Checklist

We have consolidated a small list of common GST Audit objections with relevant sections, rules, notifications etc.

Write an Article

You can use our very powerful backend to write informative articles and refer updated sections, rules etc.

GST Doctor Software

Learn about GST Doctor Software and how to use it for consolidation and matching of GST Returns with your books.


List of all the common goods and services that are liable for gst under RCM and often ignored by new taxpayers

Input Tax Credit

Common issues found with Input Tax Credit (ITC) availed by taxpayers. Find issues related to ITC.

Forward Charge

GST in liable to be paid by the supplier of the goods or services. Find issues related to forward charge.